Why is my Epson printer not powering on?

  1. First, check virtually for any damage or disconnection report on the printer or related devices.
  2. Check if the printer is making noise while holding down the power button to turn on.
  3. If this happens, look for any start-up sound or other LED discomfort.
  4. Verify the printer has any light indications like power or other lights.
  5. Look up the printer control panel for any illuminations regarding the printer errors or other warning lights.
  6. Check whether the power doesn’t fluctuate or is high. If the power supply is not evenly distributed, it may result in this type of error on the Epson printer.
  7. See the power socket light status- if the cable that connects the printer and electric board is damaged, try to change the new one.
  8. Then, later use the manual and plug-in to the respective ports.
  9. Try to avoid the extension cables to connect the printer for function. That may result in this type of error more often.
  10. Turn off the printer from the socket and unplug the cables from the ports.
  11. Use the direct connection using the cables to connect the printer to the main socket broad.
  12. You can also use the new cables or alternative sources.
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