What to do When HP Printer Shows Offline Messages?

When the printer indicates an offline message, there is no need to panic as this is one of the most common issues. A few checks and changes have to be made to rectify these issues. Complete the steps to remove the offline message, and the printer is connected back online. 1. Check the wireless network. Make sure the printer is connected to a wireless network. An active wireless connection is needed for the printer to stay online. Check if the wireless connection is working at the required speed. If the wireless connection passes all these checks, then the issue that is causing the HP Printer to indicate offline is removed. 2. Check if the printer is set as the default printer. The printer in use must be set as the default printer. This issue could arise when a printer is not set as the default printer. So, open the Control Panel to gain access to the printer settings. Right-click on the printer name and choose Set as Default. The change will be applied at once. Restarting the printer after the change has been applied is recommended. 3. Check if the printer is set to offline mode.  The issue may occur when the printer is set to function in an offline mode. Remove this setting, and the printer will function effectively. Move over to the device and open the Control Panel. Choose the printer model and right-click. Choose the option to turn off offline mode. Restart the device and try again. 4. Other issues Some of the other issues that prevail and cause hindrances to using the printer could be a driver issue. The printer driver has to be updated at all times to ensure its smooth functioning. Make sure the printer driver is always updated to avoid any further issues. Check the same for the device the printer is connected to. The software should be updated for the device to avoid any issues. If the issues continue to prevail even after removing the issues with the printer and the device, the driver will have to be installed and downloaded back to the system. These are the various ways in which the offline message can be removed. If the instructions are complex and troubleshooting the printer with the instructions is challenging, contact us to provide further assistance and ensure that the printer is functioning back to normal.
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