Troubleshooting HP Printer Network Issues

HP Printer may get network-related issues more often. You can tackle this kind of issue only if the network is stable and accessible throughout the printing procedure. Try to obtain a proficient network connection, in turn, to establish the rich printing work and output. Use the HP Official website or HP Manual to assemble the network to start the network printing process.Before all these processes, you need to ensure whether the HP printer you are having is supported with network printing and wireless connectivity. Meanwhile, try to enter the correct Wi-Fi network credentials to the prompted field to establish the hassle-free printer setup and output.Take the HP manual and start the power cord connections using the provided USB cables. Try to insert the USB cables properly to the desired slot or port. Then, turn on the network access and look for stable network access. Now, you are all set to start the below step.
  1. Initially, you need to turn off the printer and system which is interface using the power button.
  2. Wait for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Now, turn on the printer using the stable power that is not fluctuating. Then, wait for another 30 seconds and turn on the system to active.
  4. Once the boot process is completed, try to perform print or scanning work to ensure the troubleshooting performance.
  5. Yet the network problem persists, move with the given below steps to resolve.
  6. Further, double-tap the HP Solution Center. Here, use the other settings and pick the other options.
  7. Choose the Network Toolbox > Utilities.
  8. Now, Run the network diagnostic test and wait till the on-screen prompts are completed.
  9. Don’t skip the on-screen instructions to avoid this kind of issue later.
  10. While operating the print work, bring the wireless router nearby the HP printer setup for better signal coverage and handlings.
  11. Alternatively, try to attempt the printer power-cycle method by unplugging the power cords and plugging them again correctly after some time.
  12. Try to clear the print queues.
  13. Bring the printer to default using the Set printer Default option via system settings.
  14. Try to reset the settings that manage the printing queues.
Repeat all the above steps once again. Or else, contact the HP Technician to solve it immediately.
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