Steps for Canon Printer setup

Our Guide helps to set up and install your Canon printer. Here, you will see a different setup method for your Canon printer installation without any hassles. Learn, How to connect your Canon wireless printer to Windows or Mac computer. The two types of Canon printer setup methods are available as follows:
Look into the two methods and find a simple procedure to connect and set up your Canon printer in no time.

Connect the Canon printer to the computer

For any printing job, you will have to connect the printer to a computer at first. Here, follow the three different techniques to connect your Canon printer to computer.

USB Connection

To connect your Canon printer straight away to the computer and print only from that device, you can prefer a USB cable connection.
  1. For a USB connection, you have to take a new USB cable and uncover the packing materials.
  2. Now, connect one end of the USB cable to the USB port of your Canon printer and the other end to your computer.
  3. Now, boot up your Canon printer and then follow (Method 2) to install the printer driver.
  4. After completing all the listed steps, you can begin printing your files.

Wi-Fi Connection

If your Canon printer has an in-built wireless feature, you can connect direct to a Wi-Fi network . On connecting your Canon printer to a wireless network, you can take printouts from mobile device also. Connecting to the same wireless network as your Canon printer and computer.
  1. Turn on the power supply and wait until your Canon printer gets activated.
  2. Now, from the home screen menus, choose the network settings.
  3. Next, go to the wireless network connection and enter the password of your Wi-Fi.
  4. Your Canon printer will now get a Wi-Fi connection. Then continue with the driver installation steps to complete the process.

Wired network connection

Many devices using the same wired network can access the Canon printer. But, you will need an Ethernet cable to connect those devices. To connect your printer direct to the router, you will have to follow the set of instructions given below:
  1. Take a new Ethernet cable and connect the Ethernet cable between the printer and the router.
  2. Now, boot up your Canon printer.
  3. From the control panel settings, choose the network settings menu.
  4. Hit on the Wired LAN menu now and wait until your printer finds a new wired connection.
  5. Then follow the driver installation steps to complete the wired network connection process.

Install the Canon printer drivers

To allow your Canon printer to connect with the computer, download and the Canon driver. If your PC detects your printer, follow the setup wizard to install the Canon printer driver. Else, you will have to search for the appropriate Canon printer driver, and install it. If you have a CD/DVD that has come with your Canon printer package, you can install the driver from it. Follow, the instructions given below to download and install the Canon printer driver.
  1. Go to Canon website and enter your printer model to see a list of compatible and available drivers.
  2. Now, choose the OS of your PC and hit on the download button to download the Canon printer driver software.
  3. Next, run the downloaded file to get a new installation window on the screen.
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the driver installation process.
  5. And, select a network mode of your choice.
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