How to fix HP Printer won't scan issues?

Suppose the HP printer cannot scan, then this issue may occur due to incomplete download of the printer driver or scanning option disabled in the system. To resolve this issue, follow the instruction provided below.

How to troubleshoot the HP printer won't scan issue?

Resolve the scanning issues quickly by using technical-based troubleshooting fixes at your house without affecting the operation’s good quality. In most cases, a faulty connection or settings may result in the improper functioning of the software.

Follow any one of the mentioned techniques given below to fix the scanning issues.

Reinstall the HP printer software

The user has to upgrade the HP printer software from time to time to make sure the printer functions effectively. The suitable driver for scanning the document will expire, creating issues. Download the HP printer software using the guidelines given below

  1. Click the R button and the windows button simultaneously to activate the run box.
  2. In the run box, Enter appwiz.cpl and click the ok button.
  3. Choose the HP printer application from the list of the programs
  4. Select uninstall option and tap the yes button.
  5. Now restart the computer post uninstalling the application
  6. Delete the HP printer from the available list of the printer and scanners.
  7. Go to settings and then click printers and scanners.
  8. Press the HP printers model and now delete the printer
  9. Open the browser and enter the HP support page; type the printer model name in the search box.
  10. A suitable and latest version of the application drive is seen on the screen
  11. Now choose the compatible windows version.
  12. Make sure it is 32bit or 64bit
  13. Download the latest driver and install it according to the on-screen results.
  14. Then reboot the computer and the printer.
  15. Place a document and start a scanning test.

Check the compatibility of the printer.

Cross-check whether the printer, firmware, and computer OS are compatible with one another.

Suppose the user is using an old version of the firmware on the computer, and it is not effective in working with the latest application. In that case, it may result in the printer facing scanning and other functioning issues. Make sure to download and install compatible firmware onto the device and restart it. In some cases, despite downloading the latest firmware, the printer faces some scanning issues. Recheck whether the printer model and the firmware system are in sync with one another.

Disable the windows defender firewall.

In some scenarios, the firewall may interrupt the network printer’s cable, which will halt the communication. So unplug it and close the window’s defender. Follow the below steps to enable the firewall software.

  1. Click the search> type firewall.
  2. open the control panel windows defender firewall > Turn it Off

You can also easily download and install the HP print and scan Doctor to resolve the issues and switch of the WDF.

Use the HP print and scan Troubleshooting steps

The HP print and scan doctor software is a one-stop solution to diagnose and fix the printing problem. It helps to analyse the issue and sort it out

  1. Connect the printer and your personal computer using a USB cable or with a wireless network.
  2. Now from the HP website, download the HP print and scan doctorsoftware
  3. Click twice on the file and tap to run.
  4. On the application dashboard. Press the startbutton and choose the fix scanning
  5. Within few minutes, the issue is found out.
  6. Based on the problems detected, it prompts you to follow the steps to fix the issues.

Enabling the windows image acquisition service.

Windows image acquisition service is mandatory for scanning service provides a powerful way to resolve the issue. Follow the instruction given below.

  1. Tap the windows and R key simultaneously to invoke the Run Box.
  2. Enter the services.msc in run box.
  3. Click the Ok button.
  4. Tap twice on the windows image acquisition to open It.
  5. Choose automatic in the drop-down menu and click the ok button.
  6. Now, choose any one of the scanning services of windows to resolve the issues.

Removal of corrupted files.

Scanning issues will also arise if the scanned document is incomplete; it is advised to remove the corrupted files and use the instructions given below to do the needful.

  1. Open the command terminal.
  2. Type the command DISM.exe/online/cleanup-image/restore health’
  3. Now select the return button before initiating the SCF Scan.
  4. Then type SFC/scan now in the command instruction.
  5. Tap the enter key
  6. The process starts within few minutes.
  7. Restart the computer to solve the scanning issues.


The above steps directly sort out the issues faced in the HP printer during scanning. Follow any one of the processes mentioned above to resolving the unable to scan topics.

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