connect workforce pro wf-3820 to MacBook

Connecting Workforce pro WF – 3820 printer to MacBook may sound like a long process, but it is easy. It can be done in two ways, connecting through a USB cable, connecting it by WiFi.

Steps to connect the epson WF-3820 to the MacBook.

  1. Begin the setup by unloading the printer components and the power cables of Workforce Pro WP-3820.
  2. Remove all the tapes from the printer and go through the user manual to set up.
  3. Insert the ink cartridges in the respective slots of the printer.
  4. Connect the power cord of the printer to the power socket.
  5. Once the printer is set up, power on the printer to connect it to the MacBook device.

Connecting through USB Cable

  1. Place the Workforce pro-WF 3820 printer near the MacBook.
  2. Connect one end of the USB cord to the desired hole of the PC.
  3. Plug the other end of the cable into the printer.
  4. Now turn on the Workforce pro-WF 3820 printer and the MacBook device to ensure if the connection is stable.
  5. Open the printer setting and check for any error messages or queues on the printer.
  6. Load the papers on the paper tray.
  7. Select the file to print and start printing.

Connecting through WiFi

  1. Connecting the Workforce Pro WF-3820 through a WiFi network is easy and less troublesome.
  2. Ensure that the Workforce WF 3820 printer and the device stay connected to the same WiFi network.
  3. Connect the printer to the WiFi network by enabling the router.
  4. Check for the wireless connection option on the Workforce Pro WP-3820 printer and turn it on.
  5. Open the device and scan for the printer to start connecting.
  6. Add the Workforce WP printer to the device and set up the wireless connection.
  7. Print a sample page to ensure the performance of the printer.
These steps should help connect the Workforce WP pro 3820 printer to the MacBook device.
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