How do I open the Epson printer utility in Windows 10?

  1. First, try to refer to the printer Official page for the details regarding the specific printer Hardware & Software.
  2. Virtually inspect the printer for any queries. If you suspect any loose or damaged USB, try to replace it immediately.
  3. Further, try to do the Power-cycling method for better precision prints.
  4. Turn off the printer devices and try to unplug the connections carefully. Later, use the Manual given to plug them again into the desired slots.
  5. On the other hand, do the print test report- using the Quality Diagnostic Report option on the connected printer control panel.
  6. Go to the ink carriage area and look at the ink cartridges ink levels– replace or refill using the Epson Premium quality ink cartridges.
  7. Try to place the ink cartridges correctly in the given slots for the best printer access.
  8. If you are installing the new or first-time ink cartridges setup, the ink cartridge protective vent seems to be obstructed while operating. That makes the disturbance while the printer’s function.
  9. Verify the ink cartridges occasionally to stay away from this issue.
  10. Look at the ink cartridge slot and remove the existing one from the place and replace them again firmly to the edges.
  11. Try to make use of the provided Printer Manual for the suitable ink cartridge installation process.
  12. Yet the printing is not done on the Epson printer, proceed below.
  13. Depending upon the printer, you can clean the print head automatically using the printer settings and you can also try the Manual method.
  14. If the printer can apply automated print head cleaning features, you can choose it from the Maintenance menu using the control panel settings.
  15. Hit the Run option to start the cleaning procedure until you get the print head clean.
  16. Remove/uninstall the driver software from the active system. Use the Official website support and enter the printer key to get the appropriate driver file to download.
  17. Use the on-screen guidelines and complete the driver installation.
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