Epson XP-640 Troubleshooting Guide

When it comes to using a printer, you might come across certain common issues. However, you can troubleshoot the issues without much hassle.

1. Epson XP-640 Troubleshooting
Epson XP-640 Printing and Copying Problem
Epson XP-640 Quality Problem
Epson XP-640 Faxing Problem
Epson XP-640 Paper Feeding Problem
2. Epson XP-640 Services
Epson XP-640 Copy Setup
Epson XP-640 Fax Setup
Epson XP-640 Scan Setup
Epson XP-640 Connectivity Setup

Epson XP-640 Troubleshooting

Epson XP-640 Printing and Copying Problem:Printing and copying problem is quite common when it comes to the printer. This is applicable for Epson XP-640 printer as well. However, no problem, just follow the instruction listed below:-
  1. Step1: Open the paper tray of your Epson printer and ensure that everything is fine with paper.
  2. Step2: If the paper does not fit the tray, make necessary adjustments.
  3. Step3: Ensure that the loaded paper meets the requirements of control panel.
  4. Step4: If your document is of legal-size, then you can scan or fax it using Automatic Document Feeder. Moreover, the documents will be copied automatically.
  5. Step5: Make sure that you are loading too many papers.
  6. Step6: Place the paper properly on the scanner glass.
  7. Step7: Now, print a sample paper.
  8. Step8: If you face problem in copying, then go to the copy settings and check properly.
  9. Step9: Still the problem arises while printing, then take out all the connections and switch off.
  10. Step10: Turn on the printer again and go to printer settings.
  11. Step11: Make sure that all the settings are proper and try to print. Note: Avoid damaged or punched papers.
Epson XP-640 Quality Problem:Epson XP-640 offers high-quality printing solutions. However, if in case you experience clarity issues, use the below-listed procedure:-
  1. Step1: Ensure that the ink cartridges are perfect and properly inserted.
  2. Step2: Use only proper and compatible papers.
  3. Step3: Now, if your printed paper comes in light and dark lines, then open the nozzle.
  4. Step4: Clear off all the dust that is in the printer head and nozzle.
  5. Step5: If the print comes with vertical lines, check whether the alignment of your print head is proper. If not, make it proper.
  6. Step6: Ensure that the ink cartridges are proper and filled with ink. Always check the ink cartridges and if necessary change the cartridges.
  7. Step7: Still if you experience a problem, make changes in the high-speed settings in your printer software.
  8. Step8: If you face colour problem in your print, then go to colour management settings.
  9. Step9: Make sure that every setting is proper and if not, adjust the settings.
  10. Step10: If the print is blurry, then open the paper tray.
  11. Step11: Ensure that the papers are compatible. If not, use compatible sheets.
Epson XP-640 Faxing Problem:Sometimes you might experience a certain faxing problem with Epson XP-640 printer. However, troubleshooting the issues can help you get out of the issues while sending or receiving the fax. If any fax related issue, us the below-mentioned procedure.
  1. Step1: Switch on your Epson printer.
  2. Step2: ON the fax option in the printer.
  3. Step3: Check whether the fax option of the recipient device is on. If the fax option is Off on the other device, then you cannot send or receive the fax.
  4. Step4: Check your Epson printer’s line port. If it is static, make necessary changes.
  5. Step5: Move on to fax and access its menu.
  6. Step6: Select the fax settings.
  7. Step7: Now, choose communication.
  8. Step8: Finally, turn off your printer’s error connection mode settings.
Epson XP-640 Paper Feeding Problem :When you are on your way to Epson XP-640 printer and you might face paper feeding problem. In such a situation, resolve the printer at the earliest. Otherwise, you will not be able to print high-quality documents.Now, facing the paper jamming problem, then implement the below steps:
  1. Step1: Take out the papers from the printer paper tray gently.
  2. Step2: Check whether any small piece of paper got stuck. If you find any such paper, remove that as well.
  3. Step3: If you see any paper inside, then remove it by opening the scanner.
  4. Step4: Now, close the scanner and power up your Epson printer.
  5. Step5: Open the printer paper tray and load the papers carefully.
  6. Step6: Ensure that none of the papers is curled, folded, wrinkled, etc.
  7. Step7: Make sure that the paper you kept is neither too thin nor thick.

Epson XP-640 Services

Epson XP-640 Copy Setup :

With Epson XP-640, you can copy photos and documents. Moreover, you can copy in either colour or black and white as per your requirements. When it comes to copy, 99 papers is the maximum limit.

At a time, the printer allows copying more number of pages. To adjust the copying limit to 99, make use of up or down keys.

You can make changes in the copy settings using the Epson settings as there are many copy features. Additionally, if required, you can zoom the document up to 400%.

Epson XP-640 Fax Setup :

In Epson XP-640 printer, you can perform Fax setup. With this, you can send and receive fax quickly. If you want you can customize the fax settings by accessing the fax menu of Epson XP-640. However, for this, you need the username and password of the administrator.

Epson XP-640 Scan Setup:

With Epson XP-640 printer, you can scan paper with 1640×2400 dpi as option resolution. To use all the scanning features, download Epson XP-640 printer software and install it. Installing the scanning software can help you scan documents and photos with up to 48bit colour depth.

You can adjust the scan settings as per your requirements. Additionally, it also allows to preview the scanned items and you can make changes.

Epson XP-640 Connectivity Setup:

Connectivity setup process in Epson XP-640 is easy. Epson XP-640 supports both wireless and wired connectivity setup. You can make a connection between printer and device through a USB cable or wireless router.
Apart from this, you can use the SD card for printing. You can choose the mode of connection for your requirements.

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