Epson Error Code 0x97

Are you frequently experiencing the Epson error code 0x97 while you attempt you use your Epson printer? Then it will be frustrating. Here, we have listed four fixes to resolve the Epson error code 0x97 and get your files printed in no time.

The four troubleshooting methods that we have discussed in our segment are as follows:

Reboot your Epson printer

A reboot can resolve most Epson printer problems. So, follow the set of instructions given below to restart or reboot your Epson printer at ease.
    1. Shut down your Epson printer and detach all the cables associated with your device.
    2. Remove all the power cables, Ethernet cables, and the USB cables linked with it.
    3. After 5 minutes, press and hold the Epson printer’s power button for about a minute.
    4. Now, connect the power cables and press and hold the Epson printer’s power button again for about a minute.
    5. Next, release the power button and check if your printer is free from error messages.

    Check your ink cartridges

    The Epson printer error code 0x97 might occur if there is a clog in the ink cartridges or if the connection between the ink cartridges and the cartridge slots is an error.

    1. Firstly, check whether you find a clog in the ink cartridge.
    2. If there is a clog, then clean it immediately.
    3. Next, remove and reinstall the damaged or defective cartridges to resolve the Epson printer problem.
    4. Also, check the ink level. If it is low, replace such ink cartridges immediately.

    Run the Windows printer troubleshooter

    To check for the Epson printer problems automatically and fix them with the in-built Windows troubleshooter, you will have to follow the set of troubleshooting steps given below:

    1. Go to Windows Home Screen and enter troubleshooting on the search bar.
    2. Next, select the troubleshooting settings and click on the run troubleshooting menu.
    3. Right-click on the troubleshooting menu and hit on enable run troubleshooting option.
    4. Now, wait until your Epson Windows troubleshoots the problem and resolves the error code.

    Update your Epson printer driver

    An Epson printer driver makes it simple for the Epson printer to communicate with the computer. A fully-updated driver will assure beneficial features and tools to speed up the printing process. You can either update your Epson printer driver manually or automatically. Listed below are steps that you should follow to update your Epson printer driver at ease.

    1. Firstly, turn your Epson printer active and update the OS to the latest OS version available in the market for use.
    2. Next, go to a safe and secure browser and search for a manufacturer’s website.
    3. Now, find a direct driver download link to download the compatible driver on your PC.
    4. Next, enable the driver to get an installation wizard on the screen.
    5. Follow the instructions and install the driver without any hassles.
    6. To enable automatic Epson driver update, go to Windows settings and enable the auto-update menu.
    7. By enabling the auto-update menu, the Epson printer driver will get upgraded automatically.
    8. But after an auto-update, every user has to assemble the printer settings of your choice to get printouts as expected.
    9. At times, you will get a CD/DVD along with the Epson printer package that holds the recent driver version.
    10. In such a case, load the CD/DVD and download the latest driver software straight away without hassles.
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