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How do I add my brand new printer to the computer?

Windows: Turn on printer and computer. Click Windows icon and then Settings. Next, go to Device -> Printers & Scanners. Open Add a printer or scanner and select your printer. Finally, click on Add device.
Mac: Choose Apple icon on Mac and select System Preferences. Then, go to Printers & Scanners. Choose printer from list and then press Add. Your printer automatically connects to Mac.

How can I set up my printer using wired or USB?

Connect the Ethernet cable between the printer and router. Then, configure your computer to the same wireless network. Next, download drivers on Windows or Mac device. While you install, the installer asks you to select connection type. Here choose Wired or USB and complete the on-screen instruction.

How to delete or remove printer from my computer?

Windows: Click on Start and select Devices and Printers. Then, choose your printer and click Remove Device. Press Yes to confirm printer removal.

Mac: Click Apple icon and go to System Preferences. Choose Printers & Scanners and select your printer from the list. Press "-" icon.

How can I set up printer wireless?

WPS Push button: Choose the router with Push-button. Long-press WPS button on your printer till wireless bulb glows. Next, push WPS button on router.

Wi-Fi Auto Connect: Click on Wireless or Wi-Fi Direct option on the printer control panel. Now, the printer automatically connects to wireless network. Note: Printer and computer should use same local network.

What if my printer cannot print?

Unplug the cables from printer and computer. Wait for a while and connect back cables. Now, power on the devices and check network connection. If it is wired connection, check wires connected to printer. You can also try changing the cables for connection. network.
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